What Difference does it make to have an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6+?

Apple’s only answer for its increasing competitors growing impatient on the usage of technology, comes through iPhone6 and iPhone 6plus. After the excellence that Android Technologies have created using various different branding mobiles, its time for the iPhone to make their move and prove its magnificence. It’s true for some time that Android has overpowered some of the iPhone strong held regions, but now its time for the iPhone to regain its position in the telecommunication world, and thus came the iPhone6 and iPhone 6plus.

Last month was a very rough start for the Apple Industries. Some hackers have exploited the usage of the iCloud, by tracking prominent celebrities private pictures and posting them on various networking sites, which has gone viral all over the world, in that entire week. We all knew how much bad reputation it has created on the Apple’s iCloud storage drive. This has even led some of the iPhone users to lose their hope on the Apple devices and take shelter under the new innovation by Android.

Keeping all this aside, the newly released iPhone6 and iPhone 6plus has many admirers, and are willing to pay the price to lay their hands on it. The only question they face is to go with which one of the two. So, for that, I’m going to differentiate all there is between the two of them, so that the user has the specific information to go for which specific one.

You must have seen the pictures of the two phones, iPhone 6plus weighs more than the iPhone6, due to their size and dimensions. Compared with the previous iPhone 5S, these mobiles have a very good image display, which is an admirable thing. And battery backup is good relatively more for the iPhone 6plus than iPhone6. Apart from these, every other distinguishing feature which has involved in the software is entirely same, including the screen glass. One excellent feature they installed this time is the camera. It has a sensor installed in it for auto focusing, so that the capturing image comes at best. Mobile wallet features are very tempting in these mobiles. Now everything is done by just the fingerprint, which is safe, secure and much easier to handle.

So after going through all this, its up to the user to go for which one that pleases him the most. Thanks for reading. Very much appreciated. Looking forward to write more on various interesting topics. Have a wonderful day.


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